Magic Awards - The Award Winning North East Magician Graeme Shaw

Magic Awards

Graeme has won more magic awards than any other North East magician.

No not his 50m swimming badge………..

Wedding Magician

A list of all the magic awards achieved by North East Magician Graeme Shaw over the years.


Lennox Sheild For Close Up Magic

Winner 1999

Winner 2000

Winner 2001

Winner 2009

Winner 2015


Edmund Younger Cup For Stage Magic

Winner 2000

Winner 2002

Winner 2006

Joint Winner 2007

Winner 2008

Winner 2012


Bob White Wand

Winner 2001

Winner 2011

Winner 2016


Martin Duffy Children`s Magician Of The Year

Winner 2012


Inter Magic Society North Of England Magic Award

Winner 2009


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