Children's Magician Middlesbrough - The Award Winning North East Magician

Children’s Magician Middlesbrough

Graeme Shaw, Top Children’s Magician Middlesbrough and surrounding area

Why book Graeme?

  • Winner of The Martin Duffy North East Children’s Magic Award 2012 (A trophy only awarded to the BEST kids magicians)
  • He has been doing kids magic in the Middlesbrough area for over 15 years
  • Is NOT your usual Children’s entertainer or dj
  • Is one of the cheapest despite his vast experience
  • Will leave the kids spellbound and WILL fool the older kids AND adults!
Children's Magician Middlesbrough


A brilliant children’s magician Middlesbrough

We’ve all seen and probably cringed at the typical children’s  entertainer that are “old hat” (forgive the pun) doing boring stuff that the kids think is……. ok, but the older kids and adults pay no attention. That’s why Graeme wont do it like that!

He’ s different because he concentrates on the aspect of spellbinding magic and has structured a show through the years that is simply the best you will find in the Newcastle area and everyone, even adults will want to watch.

Graeme is a magician FIRST. This means that the MAGIC in the show is very strong without having to “fill” time with games and other “fillers” like most children’s entertainers.

There is nothing wrong with games and other activities but then its not a magic show.

Graeme s philosophy is this will probably be the first time that the children (and even some adults) will have seen a magician before, and doing a really strong magic show will leave strong memories for children


Graeme says:

” I remember the first time I saw a magician when I was young, and I will never forget how amazed I was when he produced coins magically from the air with his bare hands and placed them into a sliver bucket. That memory is very strong and reminds me today why I love doing magic for children”



Graeme’s fast pace and visual magic style make him one of the best children’s  magicians in the Newcastle area. Graeme will have the kids sat down and controlled through his excellent 45 minute magic show. He will have them laughing, shouting and very involved in the whole show from beginning to end.


Tips when booking a Children’s entertainer

  • Firstly think what type of entertainer you would like. There are many different types. Some offer disco for the full duration of your party, some offer disco, games, balloons, prizes, magic shows, party food or face painting. Ranging from £70 – £250 +
  • Some offer everything at a set price. The problem with these is you tend to find that they do everything, but not particularly well! You will find most offer a 2 hr type package as 2 hrs is the general length of child’s party.


  • A 2 hour type package generally includes a disco, games and a short magic show. This is fine but generally expensive and the magic show is not really a magic show and NOT performed by a professional magician, but usually a dj who has bought a few trick from the magic shop. Probably Graeme’s!


  • Graeme does not offer a “party package” but rather a 45 min – 1 hr magic show. As most party’s run for 2 hours, after you have taken into account the magic show (1 hr) and your party food (say 20 mins) you only have 40 mins left to fill anyway! So with your own background music, maybe just a stereo system and your own game or two like pass the parcel, you have it covered. Plus you always find that the kids just want to run around anyway! So why pay some one for 2 hours??



Children' magician Middlesbrough A regular performer at Middlesbrough Football Club


The best we have seen and that’s why we use him every year!

Mark Whyman, Middlesbrough Football Club


How much is he ?

Because there many factors to consider for different events, like distance and how long you would like Graeme etc we will give you a unique price, but it will be very reasonable.

Enquire here  And Graeme will be back to you quicker than you can say Abracadabra!


Children’s Magician Middlesbrough