Newcastle Evening Chronicle News - The Award Winning North East Magician Graeme Shaw

Newcastle Evening Chronicle News

Graeme was featured in Thursdays 17/3/2016 Evening Chronicle

Some of the text:

Fellow Tyneside trickster and Magic Circle member Graeme Shaw echoed Chris’s summary of Daniels’ influence.

Graeme said: “He had a massive impact. Basically, magicians my age got a magic set for Christmas, Mine was a Paul Daniels set. Really, I would not be doing magic if it wasn’t for Paul Daniels and getting his magic set for Christmas.”

Graeme, who is a business partner at the Magic Box shop chain, performed with Daniels, who he says was always offering advice.

Graeme said: “He was great. Everybody appreciated him for being there. He had a lot of advice, not just for magicians, but for stage crews, light guys. I wouldn’t say he’s demanding, but he had advice to give and people would follow it.”